CEPT, A Living Laboratory

Energy Efficient Design Features


Location Ahmedabad
Geographical coordinates 23° N, 73° E
Occupancy Type Office & Educational
Typology New Construction
Climate Type Hot and Dry
Project Area 498 m2
Grid Connectivity Grid connected
EPI 58 kWh/m2/yr

CEPT, A Living Laboratory

Passive Design Strategies

The building is north-south oriented with appropriate shading and light shelves on the south.

Vision, clerestories, light shelves on south bring in diffuse daylight with occupant control. north light is used for introducing daylight into the building.

CEPT, A Living Laboratory

Active Strategies

HVAC Technologies

  1. Mixed mode ventilation.
  2. Radiant cooling floor and ceiling panels for simulation lab and basement floor.
  3. VRF for dedicated outdoor air system at 3.51 COP with CO2 control.
  4. Air cooled chiller with 3.35 COP (ARI).
  5. Passive cooling in non-summer months with underground tank and evaporative fluid cooler.
  6. Premium efficiency pump motors with VFDs.

Lighting Design 

  1. Daylight autonomy 75% time for over 90% of spaces.
  2. Daylighting and vacancy sensor control of lights at 4.7 W/m2.
  3. Office equipment control with occupancy sensor control.

CEPT, A Living Laboratory

Renewable Energy
50%  roof covered with 27 kW PV panels tilted at 23º facing south for on-site generation equivalent to 70kWh/m2/yr.

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