Ceiling Fans

The BEE star labelling program for ceiling fans is applicable for 1200 mm sweep and a minimum air delivery of 210 cu. m/min. The service value of the ceiling fan has to be provided for the label.  The Service value is the ratio of air delivery to power input. The air movement of a ceiling fan is a prime factor in determining the thermal comfort. Higher the service value of a fan, greater is the efficiency.

  • Ensure proper lubrication of the ceiling fan motor for smooth operation.
  • Conventional regulators of ceiling fans should be replaced with electronic regulators to save power.
  • The blades of the fan should be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure dust is not hampering the proper function of the fan.
  • The motor housing of the fan should be enclosed in heavier materials to ensure longetivity.
  • Fans should be used as first line of defence from hot weather conditions.