Godrej Plant 13

PL-13 Annexe Building 
Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd


Location Vikhroli – East Mumbai
Coordinates 19.09° N, 72.92° E
Occupancy Type Multiple Use
Typology Existing/Retrofit
Climate Type Warm and Humid
Project Area 24,443   m2
Date of Completion May 2010
Grid Connectivity Grid-connected
EPI (kWh/m2/yr.) 71.68
Architect Rumy Shroff & Associates Architects
Energy Consultants (EDS)Godrej Green Building Consultancy Services

Plant 13 Annexe Building at Godrej & Boyce (G&B), Mumbai, has gained the unique distinction of becoming India’s first CII-IGBC rated Net Zero Energy Building.  The building is a multi-use office-cum-convention centre (with office spaces, conference and meeting rooms, auditoriums (90- to 250-seater), banquet hall, 300-persons dining facilities, and industrial kitchen) which makes it particularly challenging for certification.

The building was a recipient of IGBC Platinum rating under EB (Existing Building) category in 2015 and was re-certified in 2019. It also received the BEE 5 Star Rating in 2016. In 2019 recipient of ‘Energy performance Award’ for measurement and monitoring of energy with rigor. In 2020, awarded ‘Excellent Energy Efficient Unit’ at the CII National Energy Management Award event.

PL-13 Annexe Building 
Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd


The ground floor garden around the building including the parking is approximately 2700 m2 and the terrace garden is approximately 1300 m2 in area. Landscape design is based on sustainable design principles with 75% of the planter species being adaptive or local, thereby needing less irrigation during the dry season. Recycled grey water is used to irrigate the landscape. The garden has a pond with suitable plantation of species around it.


The floorplate of the design facilitates harvesting of daylight at each floor level. The atrium has glass façade to ensure that the entrance and the lobby are abundantly daylit. Recessed windows provide better glare control.

Building Envelope and Fenestration

Several passive design features reduce the cooling load of the building – optimized orientation, a roof garden that provides additional insulation, landscaping & tree cover around the building, and glass with high light transmittance and low shading coefficient.

PL-13 Annexe Building 
Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd

Lighting Design

Daylight, harvested using eight light shafts, reduces the lighting energy use by 20%. Non-regularly occupied areas in the building are equipped with occupancy sensors to control the lighting.

Optimized Energy Systems / HVAC system

Right from conceptual design stage the management had communicated to the MEP consultant regarding the diversity of cooling load in the building – from 20% to 100%.

Two 125 TR and two 250 TR capacity chillers along with dedicated primary pumps, pipelines, and controls have been installed. Secondary variable pumping system was installed to manage chilled water circulation across more than 30 AHUs in the building. The incremental investment paid back in terms of operational energy efficiency within a span of two years.

The AHUs are equipped with VFD and modulating valves in the chilled water line to optimize energy use. The third floor has 20 conference rooms which are served by the AHU as clusters of two or four. The energy use of the AHUs is optimized through judicious allocation of conference rooms by cluster. Each conference room is equipped with VAV for thermal comfort. Provision of adjusting temperature set points at the Thermostat is provided to the occupants of the conference room.  VAV helps avoid cooling of an unoccupied conference room. Light controls (dimming, auto on/off) is provided in each conference room.

Indoor Air Quality

Fresh air supply and exhaust blowers have been retrofitted with VFD and programmed to operate according to the thermal comfort requirements in the canteen kitchen.  It has resulted in 20% savings in blower energy.


Operational performance of the entire system ‘Online Real Time of Day’ which give insightful information and corrective action is being taken to optimize energy consumption for entire building. Customized daily auto reports are generated and communicated to facility team via email which gives information on the energy use for the building.

PL-13 Annexe Building 
Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd

Renewable Energy Sources

8% of the total energy requirement of the building is met by 120 kWp roof top solar PV System. Online Real Time of day tracking of power generation is made available via EMS and a dedicated software wherein health of the panels, inverters, and other equipment can be monitored.

Regular manual cleaning is being done to optimize and maintain power generation output. The project is in the process of installation of auto cleaning system which will save water by 60% compared to manual cleaning while improving the efficacy by 8%.

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