Energy Conservation Act 2001

Energy Conservation Act 2001 is the overarching umbrella for all building energy efficiency programs in India. The Act provides for the institutional arrangement and establishment of national and state-level energy conservation agencies to plan and execute energy efficiency programs. The Act empower Bureau of Energy Efficiency, the national energy conservation agency, for the following:


  • Development, amendment and implementation of the Energy Conservation Building Code
  • Identification of “designated consumers” (high intensity energy end users)
  • Coordination of energy audits for designated consumers through a cadre of certified professionals
  • Standard and labeling scheme for appliances


  • Innovative financing and financial incentives for energy efficiency projects.


    • Awareness and outreach programs for energy conservation
    • Strengthen consultancy services in energy conservation through training programs etc.
    • Implement pilot and demonstration projects
    • Certification and testing standards and facilities for energy efficient technologies and equipment
    • Research and development in energy efficient practices and technologies
    • Education curriculum to promote energy conservation

Implementation of these initiatives is under the preview of state agencies, namely the state designated agencies (SDAs), which also have some autonomy in modifying the regulations decided by BEE to make them more context specific and starting their own programs.