Green Building Rating Systems

This is a popular tool to bring momentum in achieving energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings. The country has currently two indigenous voluntary rating systems, namely, IGBC and GRIHA and one international voluntary rating system, LEED. GRIHA, which was developed by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), accommodates climate variations, architectural practices, existing construction practices, and passive solar architecture. The GRIHA rating system takes into account the provisions of the National Building Code, 2005, the Energy Conservation Building Code, 2007 announced by the BEE, and other Indian Standard (IS) codes. IGBC was launched in 2001, and rates buildings on environmental performance and energy efficiency during the design, construction and operation stages.

Compliance with GRIHA has been mandatory for all public buildings in the country while numerous state and city urban development authorities have mandated compliance with either GRIHA or IGBC. Incentives in terms of extra floor to area ration (FAR) are also offered by some agencies to encourage enforcement of these rating systems.