Grid-Interactive Net Zero Energy Buildings (G-NZEB) can be described as ‘highly energy-efficient, grid-connected buildings that meet their energy needs through renewable means, while maintaining a two-way communication with the grid’. Grid-Interactive Net Zero Energy Buildings are:

  1. Highly energy-efficient, optimizing building design and featuring thermally appropriate walls & windows, high-performance appliances, and efficient systems to reduce both net energy consumption and peak demand.
  2. Interactive and connected, maintaining two-way communication with the grid.
  3. Smart, using data analytics to optimally manage loads, occupant preferences, and grid requirements.
  4. Flexible, dynamically adjusting and optimizing their energy loads.

The buildings, utilities, and the grid form symbiotic entities of the G-NZEB web. We will soon be bringing to you the ZerO-In platform which will explain concepts, definitions, terminologies, dialogues, and resources on grid-interactive high performing buildings, especially in the context of their development in India and South Asia. Stay tuned for more details!