Scottish Government is planning to mobilize £1.8 bn to cut carbon emissions from the built environment to a tune of 68% by 2030, helping the nation to realize its net zero goal by 2045. According to the Strategy, by 2030, over a million houses and the equivalent of 50,000 non-domestic structures will have to adapt to zero emissions heat. This could result in further advantages, such as the creation of 16,400 employment by 2030. According to the Strategy, between 2021 and 2026, roughly 124,000 low-carbon boiler and system alternatives would be required, with the installation rate peaking at over 200,000 new systems per year.

These strategies will help the country meet existing legislative goals, such as reducing national emissions by 75 percent by 2030, 90 percent by 2040, and ensuring that no more than 5% of households are fuel poor by 2040, no more than 1% are in extreme fuel poverty, and the fuel poverty gap is no more than £250. Read more