In a bid to combat climate change and accelerate efforts towards a sustainable low carbon future, Tech giants Google and Amazon have announced ambitious plans ahead of the climate strikes scheduled on 20th September, 2019.

Google has made the biggest corporate purchase of renewable energy in history by committing to 18 new energy portfolios which will add 1600MW of solar & wind energy. Goolge CEO, Sundar Pichai opines that bringing incremental renewable energy to the grids is a critical component of pursuing 24×7 carbon-free energy for all of operations. The company has also pledged to use recycled materials in all of its ‘Made by Google Products’ by 2022.

The ‘Climate Pledge’ taken by Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos sets out to reach the Paris climate agreement’s emissions-cutting targets ten years early, setting the company up to be carbon-neutral by 2040. Additionally, the company targets to utilize 80 percent renewable energy by 2024 and to run on renewables alone by 2030.

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